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6 Uncommon Facts to Know Before Becoming a Fitness Professional

I figured that since I get asked lots of questions around my career and I often times get to mentor others who want to launch a career in the fitness industry, now is a great time to share with others some of the uncommon truths to help decide if this is the right move for you.

1) It’s harder than it looks. You need to teach even when you don’t feel like it, you will mess up a lot in the beginning as you are learning, and you will have no shows or get rejected from group x try-outs.  You have to get out of your own head, and lead the class with excitement and enthusiasm and practice, practice practice.

2) You are you’re own boss! Since you are an independent contractor in most situations, you need to be responsible for your business.  You are the “product” it’s up to you to develop, update and market yourself.

3) You need to consistently learn and improve.  It doesn’t stop with your original certification or training, you will need to obtain Continuing Education credits, hold various certs and take ongoing workshops, seminars and trainings in order to stay on top of industry trends.

4) You make very little money teaching classes which is why most of us offer many types of services.  The national avg. is just over $25 per class at about 7 classes a week, so that really isn’t enough money to survive.

You may have noticed that you see most people in the fitness industry who are PT’s, groupX instructors as well as offering online wellness coaching/nutritional coaching and groups like myself, so that it’s possible to support yourself in this career.

5)  You have to have a positive mindset to help motivate others all day. 

So you need to be investing in Personal Development.  If you are practicing self-care, then you won’t last very long.  You also have to manage rest and recovery time for yourself (massage, chiropractic, etc).

6)  It’s totally worth all the work!! The satisfaction and happiness that you get from seeing the smiles on people faces after a class or the confidence you’ve helped someone build in themselves, that will eventually spill out into all areas of their lives, will make all the hard work and bad days totally worth it. <3

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