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Hey! I’m Lindsay

I help women get fit on the inside so they
can get everything they want on the outside

More specifically, I help weight loss resistant women by dealing with 1st the mindset, 2nd the root causes of their health issues and 3rd, the body (nutrition + movement), so they can get everything they want out of life. You can pretty much call me a Metabolism Biohacker!

Although I started out in Corporate America, I eventually noticed my soul being crushed so I went back to school to study Exercise Science & Nutrition. I broke into the industry as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, which I still am because I LOVE the magical energy that happens in a class or session. But, when I realized a whopping 75%+ of my clients agreed they struggle MOST with Nutrition and EVERYONE said that it’s mindset work that was needed….so I decided to focus on programming that can help with both of these, because I truly believe that it’s the only way to achieve sustainable results.

It became clear that my clients needed resources that fit into their busy schedules, were simple to follow, and most of all help to empower and energize them to keep going as it’s truly a journey…and a rad one at that!

I love the adventure that happens within a wellness journey. Leaping out of our comfort zones, being a bit rebellious, and going ahead and rocking our goals, together as a community.

I believe….everyone has the ability(motivation) to reach their full potential/goals…they just need simple solutions(education) and a community to be accountable to.

I believe…that you need to work on your mindset and belief system (you need to deal with your shit) in order to achieve a long transformation…in any area of life

I believe….the mindset muscle is just as important to exercise like any other muscle

I believe…you need to fuel your body and your mind with HIGH QUALITY “STUFF” in order to get HIGH-QUALITY RESULTS

I believe…Your body was created to heal and correct itself, but when we have other stuff (crap and issues) compromising it from working optimally, it won’t even allow it to heal itself.

Most importantly, I believe in YOU!


As seen on Fox 11 with Tony Horton


Lindsay’s Credentials:

Functional Nutrition Specialist,
Behavioral Change Specialist,
Fitness Nutrition Specialist,
Weight Loss Specialist,
Master Instructor – Various Formats


What People Are Saying…

"As someone who has an incredibly HUGE amount of weight to lose, it can be VERY intimidating to walk into any type of fitness facility. Not here and not with these people. Lindsay is so welcoming and makes you feel really comfortable. She is an AMAZING instructor. I have taken live classes taught by her. She is patient, thorough, fun and keeps you going. She encouraged me and pushed me and helped me keep going during the exact minute I wanted to stop moving. Definitely stop by and take a class with her. You won't be sorry. "

Lori Nudy

"Lindsay helped me thru the toughest part of my struggle to living a healthier lifestyle. Not only was she an amazing trainer but you couldn't ask for a better friend that truly stood by me when times got tough. Making a lifestyle change is not easy but when you have people that truly care, know what they are doing, and work hard at holding you accountable ... You can achieve anything!!!"

Nichole Alpas