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What does a Behavioral Change Coaching Session Look Like?

Making changes in your life can be scary, and most people feel quite intimidated by any type of coaching, counseling or therapy.  So, I decided to go over the flow of a coaching session so that more people can understand what it consists of, and hopefully, put their mind at ease.

First off, behavioral coaching is very different than what most people think of as “coaching”.  It’s NOT similar to a sports coach, where you have someone screaming commands at you or reprimanding you when you do something wrong.  Instead, a coach helps you become aware of not only what’s stopping you in specific areas, but what choices you have in making changes.  To top it off, a coach is there to help you stay accountable to your goals as well as get back on course or change directions if need be.

The following video goes over the flow of a coaching session, from goal setting to tracking:

As you can see, a coaching session is mostly made of a coach asking questions, so that way a client can become aware of some things on their own.  Coaching is NOT about telling someone what to do, but instead guiding them towards the actions that will be best for the client and the client’s goals.

If you would like to try a session for yourself, I’ve offered a free, no obligation, 30 minute coaching session (click below)!

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