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Bio-Hacking Your Life?

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As a wellness professional who also has been diagnosed and fought to reverse a hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue and gut issues…I have become OBSESSED with not only living as optimally healthy as I can, but also sharing with others when I come across “hacks” that make doing so that much more easier, cheaper or just more effective.

By nature, I am a rebel and a pioneer.  If you tell me it can’t be done, I will find a way to prove otherwise.  I always look for workarounds, rather than follow sheep and be told NO.  And when I use the term  “hack”  I mean workaround, or just simply finding another way (typically a more natural DIYer way) and obviously not doing anything illegal in the cyber universe;)

So I decided to create a community group around {Bio}Hacking Your Life, and share all things on how to bio-hack your health, your mindset, including all things affecting life and this falls into all the things I am most passionate about…lifestyle, health & wellness, beauty, home, travel, finance, and business.

By doing this, I am hoping to link up with other busy women who are looking for non-traditional ways to improve their life through bio-hacking/DIYing….You know…those woman that see something and don’t need permission to believe something that is against the mainstream, status quo.  Is that you?

If so fill out the form here, or to the right!


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