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Picking Apples

Apples are a favorite fall fruit for many people. Is it crunch time year-round at your house? Fall In the Fall, there are many farms that allow you to pick... Continue Reading

Grilling Ideas for the Fall

There is still plenty of time for grilling this fall before it gets too cold. Great times outside with family and friends at a picnic table make many memories. Cooking... Continue Reading

The 411 of Cooking Oils

If you look in the grocery store, there are many different kinds of oils. Cooking with healthy recipes often mention oils that you may not have at home. It is... Continue Reading

Flower Power

Flowers are not only pretty colors in nature that you get to experience. There are many people that love flowers because they are edible. Not every flower can be eaten... Continue Reading

Importance of Quality Friendships

They say you can’t always pick your family, but you can most definitely pick your friends.  Today, I wanted to share the benefits of choosing quality friendships over quantity, especially... Continue Reading

The Low Down on Glyphosate

I was utterly shocked yesterday when I saw an article floating around about Ben & Jerry’s ice cream having “excessive” amounts of glyphosate. I’m aware of what it is, and... Continue Reading