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Motivation, Mindset & Behavioral Change: Readiness to Change

What is behavioral change?  Behavior change can refer to any transformation or modification of human behavior.

Behavioral change (and change in general) is a tricky, challenging thing…it’s never easy to break old habits or adopt new ones…but often success comes only when we are READY to make changes.  And one way to figure out our readiness factor is to take a look at the various stages of change or the 5 Stages of Change according to the transtheoretical model (TTM):

Precontemplation: usually when someone isn’t even thinking about taking action or making a change within the short-term (6 months). It’s not on the radar!  EX: Avoidance stage, normally happens when someone has attempted to change but failed in the past.

Contemplation: This is when we become aware of needed changes and start to think that we will make some changes within the next 6 mos. It’s now on the radar.  EX: You put on a pair of pants and notice they felt uncomfortably tight.

Preparation: We are intending to take action (within a month) EX: you went to see your Dr and spoke about losing some weight or signed up for a gym membership.  This is normally the stage where we declare enough is enough and we are ready to commit!

Action: You have been making changes for a few months and are currently in action.  Ex: You removed processed foods from your diet and added in more servings of fruits and veggies, or you started a fitness program.

Maintenance:  When you have made very specific modifications and it’s starting to become more of a lifestyle change.  This phase becomes the game changer for most people because you are doing the actions that will help to reduce possibility for relapse.  EX: Fix portions and daily workouts.

It can take a few rounds of going through these stages, each time adopting new habits and getting rid of the unhealthy ones.

Awareness is so important.  Working with a professional can save you so much time and money.

Check out my video on more examples and explanations.

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