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Expanding your Fitness Business Online

I really thought I was done with my Fitness Business series here, but something in my heart was telling me that I needed to go into more detail and share something that’s very important and be very honest with you all.

You see, yesterday I came on live and talked about adding more certs and services to your product/program lineup, BUT I didn’t get into detail about a specific way of doing business that I believe is truly the best way.  It’s getting involved in group virtual coaching.

When I first started my fitness business, I pictured myself working in a gym, trading $Dollars for hours.  And most of us started (or will start) with this model.  We teach classes or train clients (whether being an employee for a gym or on your own).  In fact, I still do this as part of my business because I LOVE it…it’s my jam! I love being with a group of people and seeing them come in and them leave with smiles feeling accomplished!! But there’s limitations to ONLY doing that, most certainly an income ceiling.

I am specifically talking to the people that know they want more…those that know they were meant to make a bigger impact to many more lives.  I’m talking about the people that know they don’t want to work weekends or early morning or late evenings?  You schedule should be YOUR schedule.  If you value the time with your family and going to your kid’s tee ball games or you love to travel.

Maybe you open a fitness studio or facility?  But, know that there’s many limitations to that as well….I’ve tried it in a few capacities and different ways and haven’t quite found a solution that causes freedom with a good income potential.   From expensive overhead for a brick and mortar location to carrying a ton of RISK and a lot of man-hours and stress.  Can you imagine taking out 6 figure business loans, working 80 hrs. a week?

So how is the best way to grow?

  1. By taking  your fitness programming to a Virtual setting.  You can create content like Ebooks, E-programs, online courses, membership site, mobile app…creating content

2. Add in nutritional solutions through Referral, Affiliate or sponsorship opportunities

3. Being open to other business models that will allow you to offer services through.  It’s a revenue share opportunity where you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to  create products or store them or drop-ship them.

It’s working smarter, not harder. It’s AUTOMATION. It’s creating more income, with less hours of work.

That’s FREEDOM…I help ppl find freedom (freedom from a job they hate, or freedom from emotional eating issue, or freedom of time and money) and it’s so important to me that it’s a part of my motto.

This isn’t for everyone….this is for the entrepreneurial types…People who want to make HUGE impacts/ not someone who wants to log their hours and pick up a check.

For people who LOVE mobile business, working from anywhere. Maybe you now live somewhere completely across the country from where you grew up and went to school.  How awesome would it be to be able to help the market of people who live beyond your 10 mile radius.  If you are already on your phone on social media at least an hour a day.  These are the fitness pros that I’m talking to!!

It’s being open to having many business avenues, NOT just 1!!  It actually protects you in the long run.

It leverages your time…. AND it eliminates RISK, it knocks the income ceiling down completely and allows you the freedom to set your own income potential AND time. It also allows you to work alongside other teammate and fitness professionals and mentors.

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