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FAQ Friday: What’s the 80/20 Rule?

“What’s the 80/20 way of eating you always talk about” you ask?

It’s a way of eating in which you eat WHOLE Foods 80% of the time, therefore allowing you to eat “other” processed foods 20% of the time, while still allowing you to get the results you want.

In fact, it’s a much more sustainable approach and will allow you from giving up and binging.  It actually gives you flexibility to live your life without feeling like you are sacrificing anything.

In the past, when I’ve heard my clients say “I thought that if I did indulge, my entire diet would go to shit and I’d immediately gain 15 pounds.”  or “I thought I had to eat like a rabbit in order to lose weight” I realized that I had to teach a different way to introduce a lifestyle change that is more do-able for the average gal.

And, not to mention, nobody is perfect, unlike what most of us may think.  There may be a few people that can follow a 100% plan and always stay on track without EVER having a treat, but that’s about .0001% of the population.

80/20 may not work for everyone, and maybe 90/10 works better for you if you tend to get off track with any type of treat.  It takes some trial and error, but if it works for you you will find that:

  • You can go out to eat 1-2x a week
  • You can have dessert or birthday cake, or cocktail
  • You can go out for a glass of wine, beer or a cocktail 1-2x a week

Again, perfection is NOT realistic!  Perfection is NOT sustainable.  It’s what leads people to go on a binge and never start back to eating according to their goals.

It’s BALANCE that works long term…And this goes for any area of life.

If you would like to receive some great clean recipes with the occasional treat, to get you started with a 80/20 way of life, signup here!

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