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Fat Loss Facts That May Surprise You

I wanted to clear up a common misconception about fat loss that truly surprised when I first learned about it myself!

It’s interesting how many times I hear people use certain terminology within the wellness industry and all of the contradictory information out there.  It causes even more confusion for most of us…so today I wanted to clear up a simple fact about how the body burns off fat and where it goes when it leaves the body, because when I learned this a few years back I was quite shocked!

First off, you know that I always talk about how the body works on a cellular level.  We don’t actually “lose” fat, but instead the Fat that lives inside a fat cell is reduced in size when it’s contents(in the form of lipids) are secreted into the bloodstream as FFAs or free fatty acids and ultimately converted into the energy our body needs.  So this is where we know that in order to reduce body fat we need our energy usage to be greater than our energy stores (energy deficit).

So, what happens to that stuff that we “see” as fat?? Where does it go?  Can you take any guesses?

Does fat turn into muscle?  Does it burn off in sweat or thermodynamics?  Does it get excreted by urine?

Fat actually leaves the body through oxidation.  Meaning we EXHALE Carbon dioxide out of the body… at least a majority or it. MIND BLOWN!!

More importantly, it’s why EXERCISE is so important to fat loss.  HIIT training or 75%+ (80-90) your Max Heart Rate is more effective at burning the most fat, as well as having other cellular and hormonal benefits compared to regular aerobic activity like running/steady state cardio.

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