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How to Find Purpose in Your Life

So many of us struggle with knowing our purpose in life…and really understanding Why/What/How we are supposed to show up in the world and make an impact.  But we are all put on this earth for a PURPOSE…

Last night I had the privilege to be a part of a call with an amazing motivator & Personal Trainer, Chris Downing.  And when he was asked what he wants to accomplish with serving people in the fitness industry….guess what he said?

It wasn’t to help people lose weight, or find their abs…

Instead, it was to help people find PURPOSE in their life again!

So many of us are lost in life..mindlessly walking around, searching for so many EXTERNAL things to find happiness. When really, we have everything we need.

So, as a wellness coach, I often time hear my clients mention that they feel like they don’t have this PURPOSE/WHY.  If you want something BIG in life, you just mindlessly go around, instead you have a purpose and a plan, so I wanted to go over some easy, simple ways to help identify your purpose:

  1. Know that it’s okay that you don’t know what your purpose is. Most of us have a hard time identifying this, mainly because we expect to have this 1 huge PERFECT PURPOSE.
  2. What inspires you?  What makes you happiest?  Start there… It can be something your naturally good at, but most often it’s something you love, but you’re not the greatest at.
  3. Know that It can change and evolve as you change and evolve…it’s not just 1 individual PURPOSE, but often many.
  4. Start doing! Start living, not just reading and researching.  You just have to go out there and experiment and experience life in order to find your purpose.  Watch this video about my story with finding my purpose.

5. Don’t talk yourself out of it by looking at all the bad..Accept the imperfections, and know that you won’t be the “best” in pursuing your life’s purpose or have all the answers right away.  Enjoying the learning stages will help your purpose to evolve and shift into what’s most true to YOU.

So here’s a little exercise to get started NOW!

  • Grab a sheet of paper/notebook in a quite place (no interruptions). Note: This can get emotional**
  • Write down all the things you want or envision yourself accomplishing before you die.  What kind of legacy do you want to leave for your family.  How/who’s life do you want to change or impact?  In what way?
  • Keep writing for 10-15 mins…you may have 20 items, or 200
  • Start to group up similar ones and rebrand them under their common theme. What main themes help you achieve some of the others…you want to focus there!
  • Which one make you teary eyed or emotion??  This is where you want to start.

I’d love to hear about what you come up with.  Reach out to me and let me know!

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