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First Steps to Becoming A Fitness Professional

Following up to my post about some Uncommon Facts to becoming a Fitness Professional, today I wanted to chat about the First Steps needed to become a Fitness Professional.

Here’s my top tips that I share with those I mentor:

  1. Know that’s it’s An Investment in Yourself!  Even if you never make a dime teaching, you invested in your HEALTH and well-being.
  2. Find a Mentor.  Having a mentor/coach to help guide you can be totally worth it.  I had various people help me out in deciding.  When I first decided to take on a career in wellness, I wanted to do it all…but I needed to prioritize what I needed and wanted most and start there.
  3. Research to find your Soul Workouts.  Some may have already found it before deciding to get certified, while others may need to try a variety of classes and instructors out to find their calling.  Bottom line: If you love it, you will never get bored!
  4. Decide on you certification and sign up for it!  Is a course or workshop necessary?  Exam based?  Are materials/study guides needed? First, you will need to study and prepare and then take the exam.
  5. Get CPR Certified.  Yes you will need this either before exam or before getting hired.
  6. Get insured and/or start a legal business.  Talk to your accountant or attorney for more info here, but at minimum at least get Fitness Professional Liability Insurance.
  7. Buy Music/Rounds/Resources.  Or join the format fulfillment feature if the certification company you choose has it available.  They normally save you money in the long run.
  8. Practice makes {nearly} perfect!  Use your mentor/friends/family for feedback and improvements.
  9. Apply for jobs/try-outs
  10. Market yourself.  Get the word out on Social Media.
  11. Invest in Ongoing Knowledge & Skill.  It doesn’t stop here, you will be required to  take Continuing Certification classes, or re-certs in addition to reading books and research subjects regarding your industry or specialty.  Another way is to take other instructors’ classes.

I love mentoring others who want to break into the Fitness Industry, so feel free to reach out here if this sounds like a calling for you.

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