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How to Fix Problems with Gel Nails

How To Fix Gel Nail Problems

I know this seems like a totally random blog post, but for me, hacks are everything!  And when I figure out a good one, I love to share it.  So, I decided to film my hack for fixing problems that tend to occur with gel nails.

If you’re anything like me, I only squeeze nail salon visits every 2-3 weeks, so I need my gel nails to last.  But every so often, I need to fix some issues at home to extend my salon visits by a few days.  Here’s some of the best ways to fix issues such a peeling, lifting and overgrowth.

For peeling, lifting or chipping gel nails:

  1. Fold and clip off peeling portion with nail or cuticle clippers
  2. File down so that the gel nail and the natural nail feel like a smooth surface
  3. Paint and blend with a similar color
  4. Use a gel-like top coat

For overgrowth:

  1. File down so that the gel nail and the natural nail at the bottom to create a smooth surface
  2. Paint and blend with a similar color or use a shimmery, glittery coat
  3. Use a gel-like top coat

Other tips for maintaining gel nails for longer than 10-14 days:

  1. Choose a color or top coat that has glitter or sparkle so you can conceal cracks
  2. Limit to 2 coats (or 3 thin coats) as the more coats seem to cause premature peeling.
  3. Keep fingers out of excess moisture (clean and wash dishes with gloves).

Hope you find this helpful…Do you have any methods that you’d love to share too?

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