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How to Overcome Shyness

If you really knew me….

You’d know I was incredibly shy as a kid because I was told I had a speech impediment and somehow that followed me in life by me making that mean I had to not speak up at all.

Later in my adult life, I’d believe the lies I told myself that I’m not a great speaker and therefore could never be a great leader! I NOW know this is not true, but up until very recently, before I finally found that voice inside of me.

So, here I am making videos, coming on live to share my life, my thoughts, almost daily.

6 Way to Overcome shyness:

  1. Belief : What self limiting beliefs are stopping me? How can I find help to become more aware of these and re-build my belief and confidence?
  2. Transform your mindset to a service mindset: Instead of thinking about what you get out of the situation at hand, think about what you offer the situation.
  3. Stop talking about yourself.
    1. Become a good listener
    2. Ask others questions
    3. Be present
  4. Just Do It!  Whatever it s that you fear, just get out there and start doing it.
    1. Refer back to #1 & 2.
    2. Jump and build you wings on the way down.
    3. Start with your strengths.
  5. Practice.  You will get better and become more comfortable and confident.
    1. Go take seminars that will help with networking or public speaking, video making, etc.
  6. Be YOU!  Be vulnerable and relatable. Be friendly.
    1. Not perfection
    2. Don’t try to impress
    3. Attract the right people into your life
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