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How to Set Goals that Actually Work

As we approach the end of the year, many of us will begin to look back at the past 11 or so months, and begin to process what goals we achieved and which ones we fell short of.  We will begin to think about new goals for the start of the new year…so I wanted to discuss an often forgotten about, but very important step, to think about BEFORE setting goals.

As I explain on the below vlog, it’s gauging your willingness.

Like I said, almost every goal requires change….but in order to change anything (habits/actions/behaviors included) we must first access our level of willingness for that change to occur.  This step is such an important part of any goal….and is often a part of drilling down and digging a bit deeper to figuring out WHY you want a certain goal.

Haven’t you ever found yourself setting and re-setting the same goal(s) year after year, BUT never actually achieve that goal?  Ever wonder WHY that is?

These actions are just the First simple step…and where we often get stopped is our unwillingness to make the further simple steps or actions to achieve that goal.

You are 100% responsible with your actions in your life…and the outcome of theses action are 100% related to your level of willingness.  It start and end with YOU, and only YOU!

And my goal in sharing this with you, is NOT to make you feel bad about yourself, or make your wrong in anyway…it’s actually the opposite! Because I’ve been there too.

It’s actually to empower you to become AWARE of it, so you can stop doing it, start accessing What you Want, more importantly WHY you want it, accessing the willingness level, then checking off the tasks.  Because without even thinking, you’ll begin to achieve your goals…and that’s not only simple…it FREEING!

So, if you want some coaching around this, I recommend finding a coach/therapist/ someone (professional) that can help you work through this type of exercise to figure out this missing link, find the real reason WHY you want it, and then access your level of willingness…then you can actually define your goal with CLARITY and actually achieve it!

Thank you guys…If you found this helpful in anyway, let me know…and share it with a friend if you think it’s helpful to them too!

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