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How to Be a Kick-A@$ Fitness Instructor

People come to a group fitness classes so that someone else will push them past the points they would normally not go by themselves.  As an instructor you have two main functions: ensure proper form and safety so people don’t pass out, get hurt or injured, and motivate the class.

But there’s so much more to it!!  Take it from me…I sucked in the beginning.  And slowly I began to learn the differences between Amateur vs professional.  I realized that in order to get paid and treated as a professional and/or an expert, that I had to be that!

And remember, talent isn’t always needed,  and by following some of these tips, you can also build a large following of class participants.

It’s NOT about YOU!!  It’s Not your class/workout, it’s their class.  No showing off how great you are.  Remember, no one is staring at you, even as an instructor…people are in their own head.

Confidence, posture and professionalism.  Making eye contact, using the space of the whole room,  and your voice tonality can all help to set you apart. Also, don’t be rude or obnoxious,  you are in “work” mode everytime you enter the facility. Be respectful and Positive!

Be prepared.  Study your notes, and practice.  Show up 10-15 minutes before class start time.  End on time..end 5 mins before start time of next class

Use a Dang Mic!!

Learn specific nuances of your craft.  Such as cueing, counting music backwards and cue forwards, knowing musicality, 8-count, knowing certain terminology of the human body, or being able to face forward and face the class.

Build relationships with your regulars. Get to know class participants names and introduce newcomers to regulars.  You get to meet lots of interesting people as a fitness instructor, so naturally it will be easy to love on your regulars… because they will become your lifers.

Quality over quantity…teach even with 1 participant, make them feel special.

Use Social Media to build community amongst your participants.  Whether a FB Group or IG reminders, find out what works to stay in communication with your participants.

Be a team player…even though you run your own biz, you need to become a part of the team of employees at the facility you are at.  Subbing for others when needed because you will need the favor too.

Be okay with not being EVERYONE’S cup of tea!  Your style will attract people that are like you.  Don’t try to change yourself and what’s natural to you in order to try to please everyone…It’s impossible.  I like to use positive words of encouragement rather than a drill-seargent, screaming negativity in your face-kind of coaching.

Be flexible in case things go wrong.  Speaker not working? No mic? No problem…There’s always workarounds and on the fly changes will be necessary.


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