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Life Improvement/Productivity Hack

So…do you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling the Facebook newsfeed and after 40 mins go by, you realize you never accomplished what you set out to when you opened the app in the first place?  I know, because I’ve been there…in fact, I do it on the daily.  One second I open Facebook to do a simple task for my business, and the next I’m watching videos of dance wars and dogs licking their bums.

But what if I told you there was a way to hide your Facebook newsfeed so you wouldn’t have your attention taken away from the tasks that are most important?  There is…and I’m sharing it below!

So whether you want to ignore annoying political posts or whichever hot-blooded topic is being opinionated that day, you now have a solution and a way to control not only what you see, but ultimately your mood.

I’m obsessed with personal development (reading daily, attending seminars, etc) and right now I am reading Mel Robbins’ The 5 Second Rule, which includes many more similar hacks that also improve productivity.

Let me know when you give this a try and the outcome!

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