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Live Q&A with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Leandro Carvalho

Last week I had the pleasure to visit with Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Leandro Carvalho, at his NYC studio, Leandro Fitness.  If you don’t know Leandro’s inspiring story on how he got his start in the fitness industry and where it’s lead him, you will most definitely want to check out this Q&A.

And for those of you that may not know much about Leandro (since he’s super humble) I wanted to mention a few accolades about him!  He’s a Brazilian native who came to NYC to dance with Merce Cunningham Dance Company, eventually leading him to study Exercise Science and becoming a certified trainer and fitness instructor where he’s been named as one of the hot 100 list of Brazilians who make New York by Vogue Magazine. He went on to become the GO TO trainer of the Victoria Secrets Angels, to help them sculpt a runway ready body.

In the more recent years, having ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ and ‘Brazilian Tummy Tuck’ named the Best Fitness Class in New York in New York magazine’s ‘Best Of’ issue, Beachbody put his workouts on DVD as a packaged program to allow for us regular folk to get supermodel results at home with his Brazil Butt Lift, Brazil Butt Lift Master Series, Carnivale and most recently YOUv2, a home based dance program for a wider range of audience including beginners, those with injuries and even children.

Lucky for you, if you live or are nearby the NYC area, you can actually take classes at his East Village fitness studio, Leandro Fitness, where he offers small group classes that are open to the public! You may also find him at a Master Class in a local NYC gym from time to time and if you haven’t worked out with Leandro before, the one word that comes to mind is F-U-N!

Also, you can get 2 weeks free access to all of his workouts over HERE!

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