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How to Measure Your Progress Without the Scale

I happened to get some amazing progress reports from a few clients yesterday and it caused a great conversation to be had with one of them about having to look beyond the scale for progress and results measuring.  Only so much goes into the number we read on the scale, and it’s important to look at these other measurements to see the whole picture of your fitness and wellness journey.

  1. Measurements  Tip: Measure the chest, waist, hips, biceps, calves
  2. Photographs  Tip: make sure the photos are in the same room, same lighting, same time of day, and same outfit in order to see the results.
  3. Body fat percentage 
    1. electronic monitor
    2. skinfold test
    3. bod pod
    4. water displacement test
  4. Lean body mass.  Looking at weight in fat vs weight in muscle
  5. Clothing sizes & how your clothes are fitting. 
  6. Other people’s compliments.  
  7. How you look in the mirror.  You will start to notice small difference with your own body that most people don’t see.
  8. Perfomance 
    1. Walking up the steps easier
    2. Full push ups
    3. Being able to get up and down from the ground
    4. Holding a plank
    5. Having more energy

Comment below if you have a great way that you monitor your own progress!

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