Join the Metabolism Re-Fire Inner Circle Community!

What You Will Learn

I have put together all of the strategies that have worked best for me as well as the strategies that have worked great for others I’ve helped in order to Re-fire our metabolisms once and for all.

Because we won’t be giving specific meal plans, “diets” or fitness programs within this programming, but instead sharing best practices, education, resources, etc these will be simple, easy to apply, lifestyle changes that will pay HUGE dividends to your health and wellness bank, for some even more than a strict diet and exercise program will create.  Ever hear the term working smarter, instead of harder…this is exactly what we will be doing.

Of course we will cover the basics to Re-Firing Your Metabolism…but we will also be covering some lesser known ways to bio-hack your body, heal yourself and get your metabolism re-fired so that you can FINALLY get results again that you’ve been working hard towards!  I know some of you will join us for the overall health and wellness approach, learning to make some healthier changes and habits, while others may be dealing with more challenging health issues and I can help guide you to Dr’s, functional medicine practitioners, as well as some guidance of tests to ask for from your regular physician if you can’t afford to see a functional Dr that typically don’t accept medical insurance (rather than paying out of pocket).

I’ve also added a bonus — you can get Free Access to my Busy Girls Guide to Meal Planning ($27 value)

Plus, an amazing additional bonus for taking action right away: A 30-minute private coaching session (via phone or Web chat) with me to work through a behavioral change exercise. ($45 value)

And be entered to win a $50 Athleta Giftcard!

What’s Included?

  • Access to Private FB Community Group
  • More than 30 days worth of daily content lessons on:
    • How to simplify your health and wellness goals
    • Learn how to reverse metabolic damage
    • How to find a Functional Medicine Practitioner
    • How to ask your Md. To order tests for you
    • How to reduce stress in your life
    • Best types of workouts to try while reversing weight loss resistance
    • Saving money on needed Supplementation
    • So much more!
  • Bonus: 30 Min. Behavioral Change Coaching call
  • 2nd Bonus: Busy Girls Guide to Meal Planning E-course ($27 value)
  • Resources, Tips & Live access to me for Q&A

About the Instructor

As seen on Fox 11 with Tony Horton!

Hi!  I’m Lindsay Lombardi, founder of EPIC Fitness.  My mission is to inspire woman to Find their Freedom in life through mindset, fitness and nutritional lifestyle changes.

As a certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist, I work with clients one-on-one and in group settings to make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes in their own lives. I enjoy offering clients a wide variety of services to fit where they are in their own journey and busy lifestyle, just as I needed in mine.