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Moving your Fitness Career Beyond Instructing

If you’ve caught one of my former blogs or Facebook Live videos regarding becoming a fitness professional, you may have heard me mention that group fitness instruction is a “passion” position and most people who instruct classes do so because they love it, and NOT for the money, since you essentially make very little income teaching classes (avg. $25 per class x 10 classes a week).

So, how does one make up make up the difference in income if you are looking to make a full-time career in fitness?

You offer more services to your clients!  For me, I offer Group Fitness, Personal Training and Virtual Training and coaching, consisting of a many styles of coaching, including Behavioral Change, Nutrition, Life and Business coaching and mentorship.

Watch the below video on how it’s been a natural progression for my business to take on more specializations, so that I have more services to offer my clients (and fulfill some continuing education credits needed for my certifications as well)!

And don’t forget to reach out if you are looking for fitness business mentorship!

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