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Secrets From a Fitness Professional

Ok friends…I’m gonna keep it really real here.  Being a fitness professional isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, so I wanted to be very open and honest about the Pros and the Cons of this Industry, so to help anyone new to it or thinking about getting into it.

Helping  and Serving People are the most fulfilling aspects of this career.  You get to meet amazing people, but that may also come with working with difficult people and not everyone is really ready for the help and to be committed to your coaching.  A huge pet peeve of mine is to see my cleats struggle with not having belief in themselves, lack of committal, or being sidetracked by the “quick fixes” and “shiny objects” that riddle the industry.

You are your own boss.  You get to set your own hours, pay scale, products or services that you provide, and you get your own freedom and flexibility to choose however you want your business to be.  But, it’s so much more that just training and instructing all day.  You wear many hats – You are your own assistant, scheduler, and marketing genius, to say the least.  But if you work for a gym, you give up some freedom and flexibility.  So sometimes that can mean long hours and not being able to choose who you work with.

Trying to get coverage or subs when you need time off can also become daunting.

You make less money in the beginning years but eventually as you improve your craft, you can increase your income.

You get to stay active… it’s instant ACCOUNTABILITY, which tends to be a huge need for most people.  But with the said, it can also be taxing on the body.  Your body will become your JOB, so you will need to take care of it.  That means investing in rest, recovery and possible body work like massage, chiropractic, and/or acupuncture.

You get to be around positive people for the most part…people who are up to big things and that are willing to help you be accountable to big goals.

But overall, making a difference, watching people gain confidence, and eradicate disease, can make all these hardships completely worth it!

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