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Stop Dieting!

My goal is to give you the allowance to listen to your body and do what’s RIGHT for you rather than feeling like your being pushed to follow a bunch of things that your girlfriend, or your spouse, or the talking head on TV is telling you to do. Listen to your GUT!!

I’m FINALLY at the point where I feel great, with how I look, and how I feel…and to be honest, I pretty much eat whatever I want, following the 80/20 rule.  I allow myself lots of lee-way in my nutrition plan. BUT I’m not here to brag about what I can or can’t eat….

So let me go back and share my story on how I’ve come to this beginning with my road to my very first fitness competition.  See below video for more!


I was left with Metabolic damage and I just knew something was wrong.  Why was my body resistance weight and fat loss?

What I learned from working with a functional Dr. was that I had hormonal damage, but rather than go put a band-aid on it, we decided to do the work and get some answers in figuring out what the root cause was.  After months of testing and a few $1000 dollars later, we got the answers.  I had an overgrowth of candida in my gut and leaky gut, which caused chronic fatigue, extra stress on my adrenal glands causing my hormones to go crazy.

I followed a Gut healing, candida fighting protocol to heal my gut, gain my energy, my immunity and ultimately my life back.  And after 3 /4 or so years, I finally feel like I am happy with how I feel, how I look!!


So here’s WHY you NEED To STOP Dieting:

Because hitting that goal weight didn’t magically make them happy.

Because you need to work the mindset muscle just as much as anything else

Because you need to love yourself and have belief in yourself

Because you want to prioritize feeling good and actually being healthy over, just losing weight!

Beaus you don’t want to miss out on life, or allow counting calories to take over your life!

Because you don’t want to put yourself into a life of “punishment”

Because you want to do it for YOU, and not to please others.

Because you want to show your children what it’s like to have positive body image

Overall, I am learning that when you focus on listening to your body and actually want to be healthy, rather than just look a certain way, you end up finding what actually works best for you, rather than having your body work against you!

I hope you find this helpful and a good reminder to use your instincts and listen to your body!  Nobody will be a bigger advocate for your health than you will be <3

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