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Tip: Do This ONE THING if you want to improve your life

Today I wanted to share a life changing tip with you all!  This is seriously ONE THING that can compound to so many improvements that you may be wondering what can it be…but I promise if you give this a try you will agree.

NOW you know I am NOT a fan of ONE OFFs, however, this is something that’s different because it’s something that if done CONSISTENTLY, it will begin to improve your life..

So what is it!! Tell me already!!

It’s super simple..It’s GRATITUDE..It’s waking up everyday and having a grateful heart…but here’s the catch, it’s more than just saying your grateful…it’s actually putting a name to what you are specifically grateful for that day!  You can write it down in a gratitude journal, or you can say it outloud and speak it into the universe.

But, I want to actually explain the science behind it!

I recently started reading The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbons and she speaks about the correlation between thoughts and actions…she specifically goes into detail about how the most important thing to master is the ability to switch mental gears because it’s what allows you to actually switch the part of the brain that’s active (in action) and therefore improving whatever it is you’re focused on.  For example, if you wake up and you’re focusing solely on the problems of your life (complaints, what’s missing, where we aren’t enough, friends with drama, or the negative thoughts about yourself, or bills you can’t pay) you keep attracting more stuff like that and more negative energy…but if you actually focus on the solutions or the things you love and appreciate about you or your life you actually use a different part of the brain!

So, in practicing what you are grateful for…start each day writing it down or exclaiming it into the universe and get ya’ mind right before you do anything else…

Mel Robbins asks you to take it one step further…she says try to go 24 hrs without 1 complaint….no negative self-talk, no looking at what’s missing, no focusing on the negative.  Just what your grateful for, and what solution you can bring to the issue if there’s a challenge you are faced with.

You can control your thoughts…which will in turn cause different actions (as well as attract good vibe, positive energy, juju whatever) which in turn causes improvements in all areas of life.

Tell me…are you willing to give this a shot for a few days? a few weeks?

Doing the simple things are often the hardest…so I want you to share this with your friends that you think may want to do this with you!  Think of it as an accountability partner for the next week or few!

Seriously, I want to hear about this..comment below with your thoughts and what your willing to do to test this out for yourself!

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