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Top 9 Benefits of Traveling

Since I am traveling in Provincetown, MA, Cape Cod and New York City this week, I was reminded of just how life changing travel can be.  It literally feeds the soul and improves physical, mental and emotional health.    So, I figured I’d take a minute to share with you my Top 9 benefits of travel:

  1. You get to know yourself better, how you react to more/less stress. You also get to know those you are traveling with better …allowing for more meaningful relationships.
  2. Relieves stress from everyday life
  3. Forces you to have fun…be carefree, which in turn cause happiness
  4. Increases creativity caused by out of the norm experiences
  5. Broadens your world and cultural awareness…an education that you can’t get in school. Gives you a whole new perspective on life.
  6. Improves social skills like communication.  From learning new language or learning to get along with travel companions and compromising within certain situations.
  7. Learning to give up control and allowing for a bit of uncertainty and then excitement and adventure.  Also, the challenges that may arise leave you with a sense of accomplishment.
  8. Improves health and immunity through getting extra vitamin D, salt water by the sea, improving gut health with eating different foods, and lowers risk of depression.
  9. Creates memories and experiences that will last a lifetime!
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