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Top 9 Tools or Apps for Fitness Pros

If you are just getting involved in the fitness industry (or even contemplating it), here’s my list of the top tools, apps and resources that I’ve found helpful in running my business.

1)A Payment System like PayPal, Square, or Venmo

2) CRM or customer/marketing database.  I use a proprietary CRM, but there are specific ones for fitness trainers.

3) Document/workflow apps such as Google docs, Apple Notes, Evernote or Trello to house all of your workout routines, notes, etc

4) Music Apps such as Apple Music or Amazon music to have any music need on demand.

5) Tempo changer app (mic)

6) Interval timer App  (TV with 30secomds)

7) Calendar/appt or scheduling app like calendy

8) A Website to send people to when they want info on your services, programs and products.

9) Pic and video Apps for marketing….

Some of my photo favs are Boomerang, Photofy, Rhonna, Word Swag, Facetune.

Video favs: Pic/PlayPost, Videoshop

Computer: Canva and pic monkey

Drop me a comment and let me know what are some of your fav tools or apps to use that saves you time or money in building your business!

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