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Top Meal Planning Benefits

Benefits of Meal Planning

I wanted to share with you my top Meal Planning benefits and why I believe Meal Planning is such a NON-negotiable in life.  You see, I talk with clients everyday, and the second we chat about meal planning, I instantly see the eye rolls and hear all the obstacles…It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, or whatever other preconceived notions most folks have.

But if you hear me out with all the benefits of meal planning, you will understand why it can be such a game changer in your life.

There are many meal planning benefits, including:

Saving Money

  • My clients save on average $150 a month once they start meal planning because you will have a list for the grocery store, instead of mindlessly walking around adding everything that sound like a good idea into your cart.  Also, you wallet out less!

Saving Time

  • You will start to buy certain dried goods or items in bulk to save trips to the store as well as bulk/batch cook most meals in advance.  You will get everything you need during 1 trip and won’t need to go back and fourth to market every two days.

Reduce bad decisions when grocery shopping

  • You will buy from your grocery list only so no more grabbing those pesky “fun” foods that aren’t on your shopping list (or goal list).

Get Healthier

  • Well, obvi…you’re going to be eating out less, sticking to your plan more, and simply getting closer to your wellness goals, especially if you are following a systematic way of planning your meals and eating.

Reduced Food Waste

  • Ever go to the market and buy too many items that weren’t on the list or too large of the quantity of something you needed?  Yeah…me too!  I started realizing that on average I was throwing away at least $30 of food that went bad.  Just imagine what you can do with an extra $120 each month?

Less Stress

  • You will have foods prepped during busy days…so it’s easy peasy!

Add Variety to your Diet

  • Gives you ability to try new meals out and experiment.

And as a special way of saying thanks for watching,  I have an amazing tool to help get you started.  If you would like to subscribe to my weekly email recipe ideas where I send simple, healthy meal plan recipes each week on Fridays to your email inbox, click below or to the right!


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