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Top Reasons You Need a Coach in Your Life

Successful ppl have coaches to help guide them to where they are committed to going.  Take notice I used the term “committed” because coaching is NOT for the uncommitted.

Here my list of the top 8 reasons why everyone needs a coach in their lives.  I also included my FB Live video too: 

You want to make improvements in your life.  You’re life is okay, but you know it can be better.

You’re going through a transitional period.  Guidance from a coach  can help tremendously.  Coaches offer a roadmap when you are lost as well as a way to stay on the road.

You want to make yourself a priority again.  You’re super busy and you’ve been putting everything and everyone else in front of your own needs. Sometime we need a coach to reinsure us it’s ok to put ourselves first.

You need more support in your life.  Maybe an upgrade in the people you surround yourself with?  Maybe it’s needing the help to figure out how to ask for more support and deal with the people in your life?

You are dealing with stress, fear, frustration or lack of confidence when making decisions.  Coaches help you get unstuck and stay in action. At times, we can have such self-limiting beliefs and a coach can help to remind you that you can do it.

You need accountability to be your best.  You do best when you are accountable to someone.  This becomes most important when life’s curve balls get thrown your way (and they will).  Your coach will help you keep moving forward without giving up and making excuses.

You are searching for insight or meaning in your life but feel blocked.  Coaching gives you fresh ideas and perspectives that you sometimes would not be able to figure out on your own.

You need direct access to answers and don’t have time or money to waste.  Coaching saves you time and money in the long run.  We try to re-invent the wheel too often and try a bazillion different things except for the one thing that will work.  A coach will help you stay on track with that ONE THING.

To sum this all up, AWARENESS IS KEY…Coaching helps you become aware in what’s stopping you most in life.  We know what we know, and what we don’t know…but sometimes we don’t know what’s missing and a coach is what can help raise awareness to that little tiny things that make the biggest difference in our lives!

Stay tuned..Because I’ll be posting more on this topic with an awesome announcement later in the week about a special free gift from me!!

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